For nearly 20 years, Sandra Ludy has been helping both commercial and residential clients with affordable solutions to their design needs. Sandra is naturally talented and has a keen eye for finding the look that her clients are searching for. After just a few hours with Sandra, you too can experience that satisfaction that comes from knowing your home, office or business looks it’s very best and fits your everyday lifestyle.




Sandra assists her clients with furniture selection, color selection, furniture placement, and the creation of a master plan for their space. Many clients are in need of help with selecting fabrics, pillows, bedding or window treatments to enhance a room. No project is too small.

Whatever your needs may be, Sandra can give you guidance and direction on making the best choices for your space while working with the items you already own. The goal is to have a beautiful space that fits who you are in the most economical way possible.

Sandra also goes with her clients to area stores to shop for furniture, bedding, accessories, colors, lighting and more. With her proven talent for hunting out the best options, you will have your space looking absolutely gorgeous in no time at all.


Sandra’s initial consultation will cost $150 for the first hour and $85 for each additional hour. Our suggestion would be for you to have Sandra come out to your project and evaluate your challenges and give you some ideas and create an action plan. In many cases, you can get a lot done in the first hour of the initial visit. On subsequent visits, Sandra will charge you $85 per hour. (min 1 hour)


Don’t hesitate to call Sandra today and visit about a convenient time for her to connect with you about your needs. You will find Sandra to be very accommodating and eager to assist you with making your space beautiful. Call 936.524.1824 or email today.


Below are some actual photos of clients homes that Sandra has designed. Sandra can help you work within the style and parameters that you desire.






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